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California Energy & Power has patented a new vertical-axis wind turbine. This VAWT, with its revolutionary design, will greatly expand the wind power market by providing megawatts of wind energy right where the power is needed.

Currently, many large wind turbine companies are struggling: Government and public opposition to megawatt-scale wind turbines, along with lack of access to the transmission grid, are blocking construction of scores of new wind farms.

We provide a plug-n-play green energy solution for customers that need megawatts of power for their business, but cannot, or do not want to use large wind turbines. Our solution plugs in directly where the power is used, and therefore does not have to wait for transmission lines to be built.

Our turbines were designed to work optimally in distributed generation (DG) facilities of 10 - 1000 turbines, providing 100 kW - 10 MW of power. With their higher efficiency, wider power curve and higher power density, our distributed generation facilities provide a more constant and reliable source of green energy.

We provide this wind energy in a way that is also quiet, bird- and bat-safe, and visually blends into the environment better than typical wind turbines.

Most importantly, we supply all of these benefits at a lower retail price per watt than other turbines in our size class.

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